"Berlin is one of our favorite cities" - Spleen United

02. November 2012 - Electronic
Verfasser: Vero

Am 19.10.2012 spielten Spleen United im Postbahnhof Berlin. Wir hatten die Chance, den fünf Dänen ein paar Fragen zu stellen. 

Spleen United haben sich 2002 gegründet und seit dem drei Studioalben veröffentlicht. Auch das letzte Album "School of Euphoria" zeigt einmal mehr, dass Spleen United es zu verstehen weiß, elektronische Tanzmusik und modernen Rock zu vereinen. Wir wollten von den Jungs wissen, wie sie ihre Songs schreiben und was welche Synthesizer sie mögen.

How did you like the concert in berlin? Any impressions regarding Berlin?
Berlin is one of our favorite cities and has been since we started coming here. We've played here a bunch of times and usually it's good. This show wasn't the best though. The resident DJ finished his set with 'men in black' by Will Smith and 'U can't touch this' by MC Hammer and everyone was totally digging it and dancing along. That's always a bad sign to us. We went on stage and cleared most of the room during the first track.

What ist the secret behind your songs?
I guess we write songs the same way anyone else does. The difference might be that we always put a lot of effort into arranging and rearranging the songs in terms of what instruments to use and so on. I might write a song on the piano and then transfer it onto drum machines and samplers for instance. After living with this version for a while we might decide to speed it up from 90 to 130 bpm and so on. That's why some tracks take years to finish.

What fascinates you about live concerts? Do you conciously leave space open for improvisations on stage?
Live shows have become more and more about letting off steam and losing ourselves in whatever way possible. Leaving room for improvisation is a natural way to let momentary impulses take over and lead the way to ecstasy. It's a total cliche from the hippie era but it still works.

What's the reason behind your increasing use of synthesizers in your songs?
The combination of synth and guitar feels fake in this period of time, I think. It's nothing I can really argument about, I just feel that the timing is wrong and it's way too EMO or something.

Do you have any favorite synths?
Roland juno, jupiter and TB 303.

What is it exactly about analogue synths that you like?
The sound obviously, and the limitation of analogue gear. It seems more self-confident and better at what it does well than digital stuff. Software synths are just ridiculous when it comes to the process. All intuition is killed when you put your finger to the trackpad.

Your new album is going to be released on November 16th, 2012. What can your fans expect from it?
danceable tracks, drum machines and samples, pop songs with a focus on stile as much as content.

Do You have any future plans concerning your music?

Legendär ist der 24-Stunden Gig, indem Spleen United ihren Titel "From Sunset to Sunset" wortwörtlich nehmen.

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